the voluntary state
A New Political Concept

SOCIALISM has been the issue of the bloody twentieth  century.   The  greatest  slaughter  in   all  human   history   was   the   consequence   of    the  effort  to  settle  this  issue _ whether  it  was  the  bureaucratic  form  as  in  Communism  or  the  special-law  or  fiat  kind  as  in  Naziism.  The Nazi (National Sozialist) kind died first as the result of World War II.  The Communist form (seen in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) died when it could  no  longer  match  American  military production, and it became clear to all that the  Soviets  were  being  out-produced  in  both  the kinds and quality of armaments they would need  to  maintain  the  threat  that  they  had  used  for  so  many  long  years  during  the  Cold  War.

The last years of the twentieth century are witnessing the death of the welfare state, the present form of socialism, which is socialism with a democratic face.  The cause of its death is the exhaustion of the capital reserve of the world, accumulated by its peoples through centuries of  saving,  which  has  been  taxed away and wasted by the  bureaucracies  of  the  welfare  states  in  the  various  countries.    

What  will  follow  is  what  we  are  already threatened  with,  the  last  and  most  evil  form  of socialism.  Nothing  approaching  it  has  been seen in the whole history of man. This international form  of  socialism  would  be  administered  by  the  world  banking  system  in  the  name  of  international  bodies  such  as   the  United  Nations.

Communism aspired to world control, but it did not have the means to that end.  International  socialism  is  now  within  reach  of  this  goal  through  the  banking  system.

In  the  United  States  this  phenomenon had its first important appearance in the Wilsonian effort to establish the League of Nations as an aspiring  world  government  in  swaddling  clothes.

The  United  Nations  succeeded  where  the  League of Nations had failed because World War II had  occurred  and  the  United  Nations  was portrayed  as  the  needed  international  control  to  assure  peace.

But the United Nations has been used   as a propaganda machine for inter-national  socialism   through   all   its   years,  and  it  may  yet  acquire  its  own  military  force  to  police  the  world.

Meanwhile, the true enabling power of world government, the international banking system,  has  worked  to  become  adequate  to  the  greatest challenge of all time, the establishment of world government which would be administered by the banks.  (The  United   Nations  police  force  would  remain only  a  background  threat  _  that  isn’t  where  the  real  control  would  be  centered.)    Since  World  War  II  the  banking  system  has  managed  to  build  a  formidable  array  of  organizations  for  its  functioning,  beginning  with  the  post-war  Bretton  Woods  agreement  and including the International Monetary Fund and  the  World  Bank,  among  others.

At the same time, within the United States, the  Internal  Revenue  Service  (the  income tax) and  the  Federal  Reserve  system  have  become  the  two  tools  that  are  the  engine  of  the transformation of the sovereignty of the United States  into  the  backbone  of  the  new  world  government.

That world government could not last forever   is   sure.     It   would,   if   achieved,   become  a  multi-cultural  Tower  of  Babel  that  would  die  an  ugly  death.

How many years into the twenty-first century the  evil  of  international  socialism  or  world government  _ as administered by the banks  _ would    last   is    something   we   cannot   foresee.

But it is then, in a truly post-socialist world, that The Voluntary State, with its promise of true self-government  for  the  first  time,  will  be  examined  and  considered  on  its  merits.

Meanwhile, all the agents of international banking  will  label  The  Voluntary  State a throwback,  rather  than  the  great  step  forward for  man  that  it  would  be.

All centers of power have historically been alert to threats to their control.  The opposition to  this  proposal  will  come  from  all  centers  of power that would be stripped of power by The Voluntary  State.

We need only recognize that the enabling power  of  the  world  government  would  be  the world  banking  system.

It might seem natural to ask, what would be the  real  purpose  of  a  world  government, administered by the banks and enforced by United Nations  troops  when  necessary?   The  ultimate  power,    power  to  control  the  entire  world,  is  an  intoxicating  goal  for  those  who want to dispense welfare  for  all  the   world  from  central government agencies.  The power involved in  centralizing  the  expenditure  of  the  public’s money is all-important to those trying to retain office,  whether through  election  or  appointment.  Power, as we need to remember, is corrupting, and the   urge   to   keep  it,   and   to   keep   expanding  it,   becomes    the   only   real   purpose   that  socialism  needs,  at  every  level  from  local  to international.   The  excuse  that  the  public  is incapable  of  minding its own affairs  _  contempt for  the  ordinary  person _ is  a  necessary  aid  to  the  deception  involved.

The threat is that our central banking system, in cooperation with other central banking  systems,  see,  within  their  grasp,  control  of  the  world.  The rationale is aid to the less developed countries _ the perfect socialist excuse _ but this time on an international scale.  This would transfer the wealth of  the  developed  countries  to  the  undeveloped ones, to bring about equality among nations just   as  national   socialism   tries   to   bring   equality  within  nations.

Let  us  look  at  one  tool  of  this  planned transformation _ the United States Federal Reserve Bank.



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