the voluntary state
A New Political Concept

WE   come,   now,   to   the   ultimate   benefit possible with The Voluntary State.  Because those governing sovereign nations, or societies, have, right  from  the  beginning  of  history,  used  war  as  a  means  to  acquire  and  keep  power,  we  need  to  consider  how  The  Voluntary  State  could  end  their  use  of  war  for  this  purpose.

Since we have established, earlier, the need for sovereignty in order to protect the cultures arising from   differing   religions,   we   must   recognize  the  dilemma  facing  us.   We need  sovereignty,  but  the  power  to  make  war  which  is  inherent in  sovereignty  inflicts  disasters  on  the  people  _  is  there  a  way  out  of  this  dilemma?

Yes,  but  only  through  moving  the  means   to   make   war   from   the   hands   of   those   using    it to hold on to power to the hands of those to whom  such  power  belongs  _  the  voters.

This would be the most important matter of all in our consideration of The Voluntary State _ preventing  war  by  transferring  the  power  of deciding  upon  war  to  the  voters,  who  could  withhold  the  money  to  finance  a  war.

It is not believable that these voters would approve     a     war     if,     in     addition     to     paying     for  it,  they  themselves  would  have  to  fight,  or  sacrifice their own family members.  No war other than a defensive war would persuade them to give approval.  And a large nation, prosperous enough    to    afford    almost    any   defense,  and  with  a  high  morale  such  as  The Voluntary  State  would  provide,  would  not  be  attacked  by  anyone.

The  peace  that  people  have  prayed  for over the centuries would, at last, be theirs.  The horrors that fill the pages of history would become only history, because the ordinary people who have done the suffering would, through their votes, make  the  decision  to  deny  the  money  which  is  the  imperative  for  waging   war.

War could not be pursued by power-seeking rulers any longer.  The Voluntary State would have  provided  the  answer  to  man’s  most  agonizing  problem.



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