the voluntary state
A New Political Concept

    WE  have  had  virtual  warfare  between  the executive  and  legislative  branches  of  our government over several decades, with the Supreme Court asserting jurisdiction over either  one  or  even  both.

This contest for power between the three branches  of  government  is  the  inevitable    long-term result of the tripartite structure of  the United States government as provided by the Constitution. This division was the solution that  the  founders  created  to  limit  the  power of  government  they  feared.  

But  instead  of  limiting  the  power  of government  it  has,  over  time,  given  rise   to  three  competing  centers  of  power  which  have  become   a   more   irresolvable   problem   than  a  single  center  of  government power.  The  greatest  experiment   in   self-government   in   all   history  is  failing  in  this  respect.   It  is  time  for  us  to acknowledge the inadequacy of the tripartite provisions of the Constitution  to  do  what  the  founders  intended  _  to  limit  government  power.

Our Declaration of Independence clearly designated the individual as the source of political power.  The Constitution did not accomplish this purpose, because it did not provide the individual with the means to remain  the  source  of  political  power. 

Here we open the way to carry the American revolution through to its intended conclusion _ the individual as the source of political  power.


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